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The Most Important Discovery of the Next 50 Years Will Be

  • The cure for cancer

  • New revenue streams thanks to globalization

  • New burrito technology

  • There’s nothing left to discover. We’ve found it all.

  • A way to secretly remove government spy craniumchips

  • A defense against killer robots

In 2066, no one will remember what ____ was like.

  • Irrelevant Content

  • Nonrobot government

  • Discomfort

  • Privacy

  • Hunger

  • Yesterday

How are you going to get around in 2066?

  • I don’t know, with a walker that has an iPod dock?

  • High-speed food truck, baby!

  • Picking up customers with my flying Uber

  • Carefully, to avoid notice from the robotzombie hordes

  • I won’t. The only place without cameras is in your head

  • Instant transportation anywhere. Beam me up!

The Most Important Person of 2066 will be _______

  • Someone famous for being famous

  • The James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef

  • Big Brother

  • The Nobel Peace Prize winner

  • Me, obviously

  • Xanxar, our alien slave leader

The World Series Winner in 2066 will be ______

  • If it’s rigged, can one team be called “the winner?”

  • The Apple City Product Launches sponsored by Yum! Foods

  • The Chicago Cubs

  • The Philadelphia Philly Cheesesteaks

  • The New Moscow Nuclear Winters

  • Apathy

In 2066, how will you think of ads?

  • ADS: AntiRobot Destruction Systems

  • Intrusive datagatherers mining my privacy

  • As little as possible

  • The middleman between the meal and my stomach

  • As perfect modes of making me aware of exactly what I need

  • As ideal, ubiquitous money makers

How Will Work Be Different in 2066?

  • Highly supervised! Have you seen the Matrix? It’ll be like that but with less freedom

  • Profitable! Technology will bring down costs and increase revenue

  • Amazing! Technology will make it so you can work from the beach

  • The same! Work hasn’t changed in 3,000 years, what’s another 50?

  • Delicious! The business campus cafe of the future is going to be insane

  • Terrible! Does manual labor in an underground sugar cave while an alien ant creature whips you sound good to you?

What about the next 50 years most excites you?

  • Social Security or whatever.

  • Watching exclusion and fear give way to inclusion and acceptance, creating a giant, global community

  • Getting off the grid

  • The birth of the human resistance leader foretold by the Prophecy

  • Becoming the first private trillionaire

  • The next 10,789 trips to Steak-n-Shake

The Oscar Winner for Best Picture in 2066 will be _____

  • Dr. Normallove: How we learned as a society to stop racism and climate change and start loving each other

  • Something nobody’s seen, probably

  • Wallstreet 5: This Time It’s Personal

  • Bridge of Pies

  • Terminator: A Documentary

  • To Surveillance With Love


How will you consume media in the future?

  • All the time, with as many ads running as possible

  • The only thing I’ll have down in the bunker will be these Night Court VHS tapes

  • From the couch, disengaged, just like now

  • Is media a new type of sandwich in 2066? It sounds good

  • Through seamless devices that go with you everywhere, serve up content when and how you want it and react to your every mood

  • Consume media? And let them scan my retinas for their files? I don’t think so


What piece of equipment is everywhere now but won’t exist in 2066?

  • Chemotherapy machines and insulin meters, we won’t need them

  • Pesky, restrictive Serving Size Recommendations

  • Cash. We’ll be able to exchange money by blinking

  • It better not be sweatpants. I need my sweatpants.

  • My laptop because I will smash it and spend $2,000 on bug sweeping gadgets at the sketchy local surveillance equipment shop. Only to realize that the man who sold me the gear was surveilling me the entire time

  • Florida

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